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Content Guidelines

tl;dr: No greifing.

So this gets a bit tricky, because in art, its hard sometimes to just present facts. There are certainly things here that are facts (for example, sterling silver is at least 92.5% pure silver), but there are other things, especially when we start talking about tools and techniques, that are more up to opinion and personal preference. To address that, please do not remove or change something you disagree with, unless it is objectively wrong or unsafe. Instead, please add a new section.

Please also do not be a troll. Vandalizing pages will result in your OpenJewelry account being banned.


tl;dr: Cite everything. If you can.

Citations are another tricky subject here. Generally, you should provide a source for any facts you present. Any information that comes from another resource must be properly attributed. There are cases however, in which you may be writing about something from experience. In cases such as these, it is still best to find a source to cite when possible, but we understand that it isn't always possible. That's one of the points of this wiki- to collect bits and pieces of knowledge that may not be presented elsewhere.

We use footnote for citations. Here is an example of how citations should be formatted:

This is a fact! [^1]

[^1]: <https://www.example.com>

[^2]: Author last, Author first (Pub date). _Book Name_


tl;dr: Dont.

Plagiarism is absolutely not tolerated, and will result in your OpenJewelry account being banned. For more information, please refer to Wikipedia's guidelines on the matter.