An international collaboration between Matt Venn, Pat Deegan, and Adam Zeloof, the ASIC necklace was designed for Matt to wear to the 2023 Hackaday Superconfrence. It sports 12 RGB LED-laden links, each a stackup of two PCBs and a 3D-printed carrier. Each link is connceted to it's neighbors by a flat flexible cable (FFC) and an anodized aluminum link. The central link is the brains of the operation, sporting custom Silicon of Matt's own design along with other citcuitry to drive the LEDs, and a LiPo battery. A 4" wafer dangles from the central link for added bling.


Documentation is in-progress. The repo link above leads to an OnShape document featuring all of the mechanical bits (and PCB outlines). Board layout files will be added eventually. A few (non-critical) issues were identified during the assembly of the first piece that may or may not be fixed in the shared files.


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