Ahoy! It's your lucky day, because you've come across OpenJewelry, the internet's home for open-source wearable art of all kinds.

Twitter: @open_jewelry

What This Is

This is an online repository of open-source wearable art. That's a fancy way to say that we share cool jewelry designs. Users can upload their work, along with design/source files, and/or a link to an external repository with more info. Anybody can then browse the pieces and download what they like.

Who We Are

We are the OpenJewelry team, and we are just one guy: Adam Zeloof. Adam made OpenJewelry because he was disappointed at the lack of an appropriate online venue to share his jewelry designs with other creators. Adam is an engineer, artist, developer, and a ton of other things.

How You Can Contribute

Aw man, this is the best part, because this is where you come in! No matter who you are and what you do, if you want to be a part of the open source art world there's room for you. Here are a couple of the ways you can help us grow the OpenJewelry community:

  • Make art! If you're so inclined, we would love to see your work shared on the site for others to enjoy and make. Check out the Help page to see how you can get started.
  • Help with whats under the hood! Like we mentioned before, OpenJewelry was initially created by one guy. He's doing his best but the site is still bound to be full of bugs, and there's lots of work to do. For more info, check out the GitHub project.
  • Support us financially! Hosting a site costs money, and we want to keep OpenJewelry free to use. Plus it takes a lot of time to maintain! If you find it a valuable resource and you want to kick a couple bucks our way to offset hosting costs we would appreciate it, but donating is completely optional.

What's Next

We've got a ton of ideas about what's coming next. There are lots of little fixes and upgrades to make here and there, but longer term we want to build a community. That's why we're recently added a Wiki, and made a Discord server (which you can join here!)